Pinocchio in the International Exhibition of Crafts in Florence

Success of "PINOCCHIO IN SHOW" at the International Exhibition of Crafts in Florence, in the Polveriera Pavilion at the Fortezza da Basso from April 21 to 29 , 2012.
Have intervened both authorities and personalities, both estimators and visitors, in the space dedicated completely to the wooden puppet to welcome children and adults, organized and promoted by the Cultural Association Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini with the support of the Department for Education of the City of Florence thanks to the support of FIRENZEFiera.

To inaugurate expressing particular sympathy there were: the Deputy Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella, the Vicar Prefect Livia Benelli, the Regional Councilor Gianfranco Simoncini, the Councilor for Education Rosa Maria Di Giorgi, Deputy Director of the National Library Silvia Alessandri, President CNA, Mauro Fancelli with the intervention of prominent members the Board of FIRENZEFiera: President Antonio Brotini, CEO Leonardo Sorelli, Art Director Renzo Bartoloni and also the Project Manager Diana Salvetti, Constanza Magni and Fiamma Domestici.
Some members were present even of the Executive Board of the Cultural Association Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini, such as: the President Hon Monica Baldi, the Honorary President Marquis Lionardo Ginori Lisci, the President of Institutional Committee Dr. Renato Coppola, the President of the Scientific Committee Prof. Alessandro Savorelli and the Secretary Barbara Bersellini.

The Councilor Rosa Maria Di Giorgi occasion said: "The vitality of the Cultural Association ‘Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini’ is manifested again in the City inside the International Exhibition of Crafts, with the metaphor of the Laboratory of Pinocchio, it aims to revive the Florentine craftsmanship and quality training programs implemented in our schools through educational programs. The City of Florence is the birthplace of Pinocchio and re-propose the figure in one of the most popular events of the territory we thought it useful to enhance it further."

The President Hon Monica Baldi, architect who also designed and developed the path, affirmed: "Pinocchio is the cultural, educational, economic, urban and integration model to be exported all over the world including the diffusion at national and international level of Italian manufacturing excellence and recovery and re-evaluation of historical shops identifiable in the “Laboratory di Pinocchio” where teaching arts and crafts typical of the artisan culture would be possible.”

Outside the Tuna, boat of the Società Canottieri Firenze, indicated the entrance of the stomach of the Shark (Polveriera) which were accommodate the busy Laboratory of Pinocchio, where it was possible to color, draw and create objects and from which it was developed an itinerary with multiple activities for children and adults with workshops, performances and games.

There were the Inn of Red Prawn, the Land of Toys, the Country of the Owls, the Field of Miracles and the School with Mastro Geppetto and Maestro degli Zecchini at work, while the Fairy with blue hair and Jiminy Cricket presented some innovations and collections in addition to the known Abbecedario. It was possible to taste some local specialties of the Island of the Industrious Bees with the help of Ornament Sugar, discover pinocchieschi objects, taste emotions, attend performances and ad hoc discussions with original and fun quizzes. 

The Cultural Association "Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini" thanks in particular:
the Education Department of the City of Florence,FIRENZEfiera,
Istituto Lorenzo De’ Medici, Assicurazione Ina Assitalia, Etruria Musei.    FIRENZEfiera,
Istituto Lorenzo De’ Medici, Assicurazione Ina Assitalia, Etruria Musei. FIRENZEfiera,
Istituto Lorenzo De’ Medici, Assicurazione Ina Assitalia, Etruria Musei. FIRENZEfiera,
Istituto Lorenzo De’ Medici, Assicurazione Ina Assitalia, Etruria Musei.   FIRENZEfiera,

 Ii F F
Institute Lorenzo de Medici, Ina Assitalia Insurance Firenze, Etruria Musei.