The Art is in the Streets

On May 5, was held in Florence, the sixth edition of the art event "THE ART IS IN THE STREETS" organized by Lorenzo de 'Medici in collaboration with retailers and artists / craftsmen of the Quarter of San Lorenzo, with the support of the Cultural Association “Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini”.

This year's theme is "BEYOND GRAFFITI" as an expression of urban character and cultural exchange and artistic spread across the planet. 


11:00 / 15:00 - Display in via Faenza, via Sant’Antonino, via dell’Amorino e Piazza Madonna degli Aldobrandini.

16: 30 - Awarding of the winners in via del Giglio 4

18:00 - Dance Performance in the Church of San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini in Via Faenza, 43

19:00 - Fashion Show in the Church of San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini in Via Faenza, 43. 

Six categories in the competition:
 1. jewelry
 2. interior design
 3. graphics
 4. photography
 5. painting and drawing
 6. engraving, sculpture and mosaic. 

The event was organized with particular success by the CEO and General Director LdM, Carla Guarducci, assisted by Supervisor Alessandra Iavagnilio and in addition to the awards of the Institute the winners by category were received directly by the President of the Association, On Monica Baldi, a Pinocchio made of chocolate and offered by Pasticceria Sieni.