Restoration of Fonticine

The "Consortium of   St. Lorenzo Market, "the Association" Together for  San Lorenzo, "the Institute" Lorenzo de 'Medici "and the Cultural Association" Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini "- under the auspices of District 1 - Thursday, July 26, 2012 organized an event aimed at promoting and to raise awareness of the restoration project of "Fonticine" in Via Nazionale, developed by the technicians of the "Lorenzo de 'Medici" (Prof. Lorenzo Casamenti, Prof. Leonardo Borgioli). 

The work, created by Girolamo and perhaps by Giovanni della Robbia in 1522, is among the emergencies of the art district of San Lorenzo, and was promoted to be the "power festive" to "Biliemme" (one of the traditional organizations of the old Florentine popular regime that held parties and street games), will also have a high socio-historical interest, as evidence of collective and social life of the neighborhood. 

Currently the precious artifact lies in a state of abandonment and serious deterioration and even likely, than not to be properly enjoyed by visitors and tourists, a serious structural collapse. The last restoration dates back to several decades ago and now it becomes necessary, therefore, a radical clean-up and made safe. 


At 20 Hours: Dinner (Organization: Roberto Calamai, tel.: 347-1158983)

At 22 Conference:
Prof. ALESSANDRO SAVORELLI, President Scientific Committee Cultural Association "Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini"
Prof.ssa GIOVANNA RAGIONIERI, A tabernacle in his neighborhood.
Prof. LORENZO CASAMENTI, The technical design of the restoration.
Prof. LEONARDO BORGIOLI, The chemistry of the restoration of the building materials and marble.