What we can do with a piece of wood ...

At the Central National Library in Florence -  on the occasion the exhibition "Pinocchio in first vision: with Giunti in the National Library" - on Monday, September 24th 2012, at 17 we held the conference: "What we can do with a piece of wood, as well as a puppet."

It was attended by the Director, Maria Letizia Sebastiani and by the President of the Cultural Association "Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini", Hon Monica Baldi.

The argument has been exposed by Pier Paolo Binazzi who explained the techniques of the Naturalistic Engineering. And these techniques are conducted by using, for the most part, the wood just as the same material of the famous puppet. They apply and develop relying both on plant growth, with a draining action and compacting, both action-resistant and consolidation, based on the use of wood as structural work.
We discussed also the effects of erosion, landslides and floods, the latter phenomenon can be controlled with a different formation of the flood, holding or slowing the flow of water in the hilly and mountain courses of water.
These measures are, no doubt, the work of prevention compared to more frequent flash-floods, better known as "water bombs", which more and more frequently affect our territories.