International Exhibition of Crafts


In Florence 20 to 28 April 2013, the Cultural Association “Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini” presents the event-exhibition "PINOCCHIO FOREVER" to the International  Exhibition of Crafts in Fortezza da Basso in the Hall Polveriera.
After the success of "Pinocchio on Show" of last year, the tribute to the most loved puppet in Italy is back by popular demand with a series of initiatives based on the Laboratorio di Pinocchio (Pinocchio Workshop), featuring some of the most prestigious workshops and listing the active workshops to be found in the Neighbourhood of Pinocchio’s Father (The Area of San Lorenzo). 

In the stomach of the Shark (Polveriera) develops the pleasant Path Pinocchio exceptionally prepared with world championships colors in which it is exposed for the first time the project of Pinocchio Mascot made ??by the President of the Association, Arch Monica Baldi.

Pinocchio accompanies both adults and children in an animated way by the Masters of the Art of the <Laboratori di Pinocchio> described in the two-year European project Pinocchio Forum, where you can color, draw, and create objects, and where you can participate in special performances with artists and cultural workers of international popularity. 

The Master of < Restoration / Gilding Lab>, Barbara Bersellini, runs the gilding, with an extraordinary team work building great Pinocchios in different materials according to the specializations: Francesca Cavallo cloth, Cristina Mombelli with unique decorations, Federica Recchia with painting and Ilaria Scalia with clay. 

Master Giovanni Noviello realized, sitting at his old sewing machine, a special set of objects pinocchieschi and shows the charm of <Laboratory of leather>. 

Master Gherardo Filistrucchi reveals the secrets of the ancient in < Makeup Lab> with Paolo Penko < Master of Zecchini Lab> that does the work of setting and chisel valuable puppets showing the collections in gold and silver. 

In the Inn of the Red Crawfish we can enjoy and learn about local specialties in < Laboratory of Quality Products> by Master Ricciardo Artusi.

 The < Laboratory of Cakes> of the Master Andreina Mancini known as "Ball of Sugar” offers delicacies along the famous Pinocchio Cookie by Pastry Sieni and reveals recipes of < Cooking Workshop> by Paolo Zoppi

Jiminy Cricket, a supporter of the green economy, shows how innovation and tradition, leads to the production of wines of Castello Ginori di Querceto process by applying a special focus on energy saving and environment-friendliness of Marchesi Ginori Lisci, whose ancestor Carlo was the benefactor of Carlo Lorenzini

The Blue Fairy shows some of the exclusive collections of Gianni Greco, Director of PINOCCHIO MUSEUM OFFICIAL online in which are published very rare objects. 

The Land of the Owls performs "art applied to fashion" created by the artist Marco Civai, collector of Pinocchio he calls "his most sincere friend", with an exclusive series of women's handbags, bracelets, children's clothes, ceramic trays and mats of grandmother: all objects that are inspired by his Pinocchio paintings exhibited. 

In the Field of Miracles the Museum of the Innocents presents "myFIRENZE", promoted by the Institute of the Innocents, Telecom Foundation, Fila Giotto, Collette Foundation, which aims to families of residents and tourists free activities, designed and manufactured by Bottega dei Ragazzi, to discover the history of the city and its characters. In collaboration with the Association Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini the project is presented in the event Pinocchio Forever. 

In Toyland we play the Girapinocchio by Luca Giannelli with Angelica Cortini to learn more about memorable places of Pinocchio, and its author, in Florence accompanied by the well-known fairy tale characters and personalities of the nineteenth-century history. 

Path Pinocchio is adorned with decorative plants typical of Garden Europa Cherubini and enhanced by Pinocchios of solid wood made ??in < Genepy Lab> by Gabriele Maselli, by the emblem of Pinocchio Forum papier-mâché created in < Masks Lab> by Agostino Dessì and products Sirena Chocolate by Paolo Bianchi.

Pinocchio to be considered as a model of Made in Italy for export to the world also through the recuperation and enrichment of historic workshops with the realization of <Laboratorio Pinocchio> for teaching arts and crafts, heritage of our craftsmanship. 

The event "PINOCCHIO FOREVER" is designed and developed by Hon Arch Monica Baldi

The Cultural Association of Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini Special thanks to:
FirenzeFiera, Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute, Garden Europa Cherubini, Sicrea, Masters of the Laboratories of Pinocchio Forum and artists.


STOMACH OF THE DOG-FISH 20_27 April 2013

Performance of young violinists: Julian Davidson, Enrico Cigno, Marta Galli, Cristiano Giorgi, Maria Sophia Giustini, Sara La Torre, Sofia Nangano, Ester Taiti, conducted by Maestro Leonardo Pacini and accompanied on the piano by Maestro Pietro Rossi.
The actor Fabio Baronti of the Compagnia delle Seggiole tells the tale.

Sunday 21 at 18 - “ASSISI SUONO SACRO”
The flute by Andrea Ceccomori introduces the biennial UE projects in program GRUNDTVIG / LLP: "PINOCCHIO FORUM", "CREACTIV", "EURO DYNAMICS" of 12 countries: Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania , Romania, Germany, Spain and Hungary.

Monday 22 at 19 - "DOLCE PINOCCHIO"
The Laboratory of Cakes of the Master Andreina Mancini is organized by the students of the course "Event Planning" LdM Institute led by Monica Baldi. Performance of the band "Thee OUTLAW".

Tuesday 23 at 18 - "myFIRENZE"
The Museum of the Innocents offers to families of residents and tourists free activities, designed and manufactured by Bottega dei Ragazzi, to discover the history of the city and its characters.
Example of decoration designed specifically for the District San Lorenzo in Florence.

Wednesday 24 at 18 - "WE BUILD TOGETHER PINOCCHIO"
The Master Barbara Bersellini, Laboratory of Restoration and Gilding, makes Pinocchios in different materials with Francesca Cavallo, Cristina Mombelli, Federica Recchia e Ilaria Scalia.
The Master of the Laboratory of Excellence Ricciardo Artusi reveals curious family recipes.

Thursday 25 at 18 - " TEATRO LÀ "
Puppets and temporary exhibitions created for children, with paintings and objects, sculptures and all the art forms to open  spirit and mind by Alessandro Grisolini e Bernard Vandal.
The Masters Gherardo Filistrucchi, Gabriele Maselli and Paolo Penko explain their activities.

Luigi Malenchini, AD Company Marchesi Ginori Lisci documents the new balance among  traditional agriculture, wine and energy development proposals for a contemporary agricultural system without compromising on quality and culture of our extraordinary Tuscan territory. 

Saturday 27 at 18 - "MUSIC MODERN FAIRY TALE" - Performance by Matteo Tovoli.