Petition to the Mayor of Florence

   Petition to the Mayor of Florence 

Eight associations first signatories of the petition to the Mayor Renzi to promote beauty and legality to the Central Market and San Lorenzo. The historic center of Florence - Remember in the call - and has been declared a World Heritage site under UNESCO protection since 1982. The initiative is the product of associations citizen who does not resign the government to delegate the administration of the problems of Florence, just once every five years, but considers it necessary listening and being involved in decisions about the future of the city. For this reason we have put online the associations of both Florentine by birth, and the Florentines of adoption. The promotion of the beauty and the rule of law is in fact common goal for all those who like this Florence and the historic downtown area in particular. Beauty and legality are also the best slogans to build pathways to integration and active and responsible citizenship.   

The first signatories are:
Associazione Insieme per San Lorenzo
Parrocchia di San Lorenzo – Priore di San Lorenzo Mons. Angiolo Livi
Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici
Associazione Culturale Pinocchio di Carlo Lorenzini
Fondazione Studio Marangoni
Associazione Marionda artisti per Firenze
Associazione comunità peruviana a Firenze
Associazione del Bangladesh Firenze

You can sign up:
ERBORISTERIA GIOVANNA - Interno Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo
FARMACIA FRANCHI - Via Ginori, 65r.

FARMACIA SAN LORENZO - Piazza San Lorenzo, 11r.
FARMACIA TORRINI - Via Guelfa, 84r.

LA TUA EDICOLA - Via San Gallo, 15r.
LIBRERIA PULITI - Via Taddea, 27r.

MAMA BAR - Via Guelfa angolo Via Panicale
PIZZERIA LO SPUNTINO - Via del Canto De Nelli, 14/16r.
STELLINI CENTRO CALZA - Via Nazionale, 104
GARAGE DELLE TERME - Via delle Terme 47r.

Otherwise, please write to:




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