Monsignor Livi celebrates 100 years

Monsignor Angiolo Livi celebrates 100 years

Happy Birthday Monsignor Angiolo Livi !

Big Feast at Florence , the prior of the Basilica of San Lorenzo celebrated its 100th years old.
In this special 's " Cultural Association Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini " wanted to express deep gratitude for the support and the care taken in favor of the Florentine author of "The Adventures of Pinocchio" also giving approval to specific projects for the architectural , social and economic redevelopment of the district San Lorenzo in Florence, where the author was born and lived .
At the presence of Bishop Claudio Maniago the President , Hon Monica Baldi , together with the Honorary President, Marchese Lionardo Ginori Lisci, Vice President Roberto Calamai, the Counselor Fabrizio Guarducci gave a small sculpture of Pinocchio created by the artist Catherine Balletti and the cookies Pinocchio realized by Andreina Mancini of Pastry Sieni .
And the Hon Baldi said: "On this special day we express nicest wishes with sincere affection and admiration in the hope that Monsignor Livi can continue with his extraordinary enthusiasm. Pinocchio has more than 100 years, but he always has the vitality of a child." 

Florence, March 31th, 2014

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