Bicentenary Foundation Carabinieri


Florence, July 16, 2014 

To celebrate the Bicentenary of the Foundation of the Carabinieri Corps, the Hon Monica Baldi, President of the Cultural Association Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini, has donated the painting of "PINOCCHIO BETWEEN TWO CARABINIERI" to the General Alberto Mosca, Commander of the Legion Carabinieri of Tuscany, at the Barrack Antonio Baldissera of Florence.
The artwork has been created using the "Flash Art" by the Master of the European project Pinocchio Forum, Caterina Balletti, daughter, sister, niece and cousin of carabinieri engaged on Italian territory and in international missions. 

<The Carabinieri Corps is present in Italian history and folklore to the point of entering it as a significant factor even in what is one of the fairy tales that represent Italy in the world. Many remember the arrest of two carabinieri of Pinocchio "after putting him in the middle" and again before "escape in the middle of the legs of the carabineer that point without moving, took him cleanly through the nose." We intend to witness the social comfort for the community and the positive impact of the Carabinieri in the collective imagination, from the tales to literature. > said the Hon. Baldi.



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