Sunday, February 15, 2015 at 14:30 in Florence's Piazza del Carmine is held the event " VIVA IL CARNEVALE" organized by the Florence Municipality, District 1 City Centre, with the coordination of the President of the Culture of District 1, Mirco Rufilli.
Many surprises for young and old in the space dedicated to Pinocchio coordinated by the Cultural Association Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini.
At 15 Hon Monica Baldi, President of the Association, reads a few chapters of known fairy tale dedicated to wooden puppet with the exciting musical notes of the CD "BRAVISSIMO PINOCCHIO" author Eric Buffat and Massimo Pacciani winners of the Award “Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini” 2014 in "Toyland".
The six selected readings retrace the highlights of the story of Pinocchio following song titles dedicated in this order:
1. Bravissimo Pinocchio (Eric Buffat - Massimo Pacciani)
2. Create Geppetto (Eric Buffat)
3. The Cricket Counsellor (Eric Buffat - Antonio Artese)
4. The Puppeteer Mangiafoco (Eric Buffat - Antonio Artese)
5. Care Fairy (Eric Buffat - Massimo Pacciani)
6. The Four Coins (Eric Buffat - Massimo Pacciani)
7. In the Shark's Mouth (Eric Buffat - Massimo Pacciani)
8. Bravissimo Pinocchio Reprise (Eric Buffat - Massimo Pacciani)
Right away following children and adults can participate actively in the "WORKSHOP DESIGN", coordinated by Master Amy Vomiero, drawing so the puppet Pinocchio, together with the characters of the tale, and coloring some copies of the boards of the famous illustrator of Pinocchio Leo Mattioli, on show until February 14 at the National Library of Florence in the exhibition "Pinocchio Leo Mattioli: a timeless modernity", in the presence of his Pinocchio’s reproduction (natural height) and with the participation of the son Giovanni Mattioli.
The music teacher, Paola Marsili Libelli, orchestra conductor, flutist and pianist, presents the newly Florentine school of music "OutOfMusic", made up of well-known professionals committed to becoming a reference point formative part of pop music, which devotes a laboratory propaedeutic music for children.