Florence, Friday, July 7, 2017

In Florence on Friday, July 7, 2017, at the Agricultural Technical Institute in Florence, via delle Cascine 11, it was celebrated “Pinocchio who celebrates 136 years” with the event “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PINOCCHIO" organized and promoted by the Cultural Association Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini in collaboration with the Quartiere 1 "Centro Storico" of the City of Florence and the Association "Per Boboli".

This year's event was dedicated to the project "CAMPO DEI MIRACOLI" with the "BARBAGIANNI COUNTRY" experimental orthotherapy laboratory for both girls with Down Syndrome of the "Trisomia 21 Onlus" association and both normodotates of the same school, aimed at the realization and maintenance of a therapeutic garden with lessons, outdoors and in the classroom, with the aim of promoting inclusion, socialization, sense of responsibility and self-esteem of the people involved, thus promoting psycho-cognitive development.

10 - Via Taddea, 21
Tribute to the birthplace of Carlo Lorenzini the Authorities and admirers.

11:00 / 13:00 - Agricultural Technological Institute of Florence in Via delle Cascine, 11
Francesca Pirri for the Dean of the Agricultural Technical Institute of Florence
Nicola Iannalfo Director of Agricultural Holding
Maurizio Sguanci President Quartiere 1 “Historical Center” of the City of Florence
Anna Ruedeberg President UNITRE Berna
Paola Lorenzini General Secretary Collodi Foundation  
Nicole Orlando Champion Trisome Games 2016
Eleonora Pecchioli President Association "Per Boboli"
Antonella Falugiani President Association "Trisomia 21 Onlus"
Rossana Capitani Vicepresident Association "Pinocchio di Carlo Lorenzini"
Vivilla Zampini Board & Vicepresident CNA Firenze
Hon Monica Baldi President Association "Pinocchio di Carlo Lorenzini"
Attendance attestation delivery.
Representation of the "Pinocchio Laboratory":
 Performance of a special interactive workshop dedicated to adults and children, where artist Antonio Pirò makes objects with Pinocchio using recycled materials.
 Performing fairytale reading with the music of "Bravissimo Pinocchio".
Auguri Pinocchio with cake organized by Andreina Mancini della Pasticceria Sieni.

<A 136 years after the birth of Pinocchio means well, celebrate Pinocchio and its author the same way as in previous years on the anniversary of the publication "the story of a puppet" on the "Journal for Children" took place in Florence on 7 July 1881.> declares Hon Monica Baldi.

Image in Flash Art by Caterina Balletti

Thanks to: Quartiere 1 “Centro Storico” del Comune di Firenze, Istituto Tecnico Agrario Firenze, Associazione Per Boboli, Associazione Trisomia 21 Onlus, Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici, Antica Pasticceria Sieni.