Florence, Saturday 7 July 2017

In Florence Saturday, July 7, 2018 in the premises of the charming Villa Bardini, in the historic and extraordinary garden located between Costa San Giorgio and Borgo San Niccolò - thanks to the hospitality of the President of the Monumental Parks Bardini and Peyron Foundation, Dr. Jacopo Speranza - we celebrated Pinocchio who is 137 years old with the event “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PINOCCHIO" organized and promoted by the Cultural Association “Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini” and dedicated to the biennial project “CAMPO DEI MIRACOLI", which has the Patronage of the City of Florence and the The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.
This project is implemented under the European program ERASMUS + (2016 / C 386/09) - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, strategic partnerships in the field of education, training and youth – by the associations of Italy, Spain and Great Britain: "For Boboli", "Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini" "Trisomia 21 Onlus", "Fundacion Menuhin Espana", "Universidad Rey Juan Carlos" (URJC) and MBM Training and Development Center LTD. It aims at enhancing the abilities of the disabled intellectual and relational persons by realizing growth paths that contribute to a real process of socialization, sense of responsibility and self-esteem, thus favoring psycho-cognitive development.
The celebratory event started at 9 am paying homage to the birthplace of Carlo Lorenzini, Via Taddea 21, with the deposition of a wreath of flowers offered by Renato Coppola, President of the San Lorenzo Market Consortium.
It continued at 10 am inside, in the large central hall of Villa Bardini, with the speeches of: Alessandra Bandini, representing Fondazione Parchi Monumentali Bardini Peyron, the Municipal Administration represented by the Councilor Massimo Fratini, the President of the Italian Paralympics Intellectual Relational Federation of the Toscana, Alessio Focardi, the President "For Boboli" Association Eleonora Pecchioli, the Vice-President "Trisomia 21" Anna Gamberi concluding with the President of the "Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini" Association Hon Monica Baldi.
Particularly awaited was the performance of a special interactive laboratory of "circular economy and creativity" where objects were made with Pinocchio using materials deriving from the 'production waste' or from the 'excess fabric', dedicated to adults and children with Down syndrome and with intellectual relational disability combined with able-bodied.
The laboratory was conducted by Simona Innocenti (Bis Bag), Vivilla Zampini (Es'Givien) and Marco Tortora (Fair) of the CNA FIRENZE METROPOLITANA using the relative materials deriving from the 'production waste' (recycled leather) or from the surplus fabric (experimental fabrics and technical fabrics).
At 12 o'clock the press conference who reported the work achieved to date by the European partners in the project "Campo dei Miracoli" and in particular the results of the Scientific Committee were communicated by the psychologist Vivilla Zampini.
Following in the Sala Annigoni, the buffet offered by Antica Pasticceria Sieni was organized with the cutting of Pinocchio's cake.
<With this day dedicated to Pinocchio - said Monica Baldi, President of the Cultural Association 'Pinocchio of Carlo Lorenzini' engine of the entire project - 137 years after its birth, it is meant to celebrate the puppet and its author in the day of the anniversary of the publication the story of a puppet on the "Giornale per i Bambini" in Florence on 7 July 1881, and also to take stock of the project 'Campo dei Miracoli' which is very close to our heart. During the first year we involved guys with Down's syndrome; this year we also open to young people with problems of autism and depression. The number and quality of the laboratories that will open up will also grow: after those dedicated to the goldsmith's, the vegetable garden, the guided tours and the editorial staff. Soon there will also be space for art and music, events where people with intellectual and interpersonal disabilities can express themselves more decisively and achieve unthinkable results.>

Image in Flash Art by Caterina Balletti

Thanks to:
President of the Fondazione Parchi Monumentali Bardini Peyron Jacopo Speranza for the hospitality in Villa Bardini, Associazione Per Boboli, Associazione Trisomia 21 Onlus, Comitato Scientifico “Campo dei Miracoli”, Comitato Paraolimpico Toscana, FISDIR Toscana, CNA FI METROPOLITANA, azienda BIS BAG, azienda ES’GIVIEN, FAIR, Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici, Antica Pasticceria Sieni.